neuro linguistic programming

imagine achieving your true potential

NLP was developed from the study of human excellence and adheres to the latest discoveries in neuroscience. We have already likened your brain to a computer. Scientists say that if we were to build a computer with the capacity and power of the human mind, it would be need to be three times the size of the empire state building!

Neuro - to do with the mind. The way you filter your experience through your senses literally make sense of things. It is not just what you think but how you think it.

Linguistic - to do with language and the way it affects you, including your inner dialogue.

Programming - the patterns and habits that automatically run you.

With NLP you are free to enjoy swift, lasting release and profound improvement in everything - from life-long problems to improving your golf swing, from dissolving a headache and promoting healing to improving confidence, from overcoming phobias to enjoying reaching new levels of performance.

Positive permanent changes can happen in a matter of moments rather than weeks and months. Even extreme phobias are often cleared in a couple of sessions, and improvements in all areas of performance build from the first session. There are no limits to the applications of NLP.

if you can 'do' the problem you can 'undo' it.

"The definition of insanity is to the same thing while expecting a different result" - Einstein
We all have a unique view of the world. During a session we look at the way you have learnt to code and filter information through your senses and the beliefs you have acquired. Some beliefs support you whilst others limit. Awareness brings the freedom to change. By gaining understanding of how we create and maintain our inner thoughts and feelings when we have a problem, you can change to new thoughts and feelings.

Using the power of your imagination you can enjoy swift and lasting change from debilitating fears and behaviours. We stimulate your imagination to bring about the changes you desire. NLP is non-therapist dependent and provides tools for you to use throughout your life.