about me

I am a qualified Master NLP Hypnotherapist, Creative Performance Coach, Sports Hypnotherapist and Holisitc Energy Practitioner. I also practise Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotrance, Life coaching, Theta Healing and Self-hypnosis. Incorporating the latest findings in neuroscience and quantum physics in the mind/body/spirit continuum, my guidance is in alignment with Law of Attraction principles. Everyone is unique, so I embrace an individual approach with every client so you connect with your true brilliance.

If you want to move beyond a problem, or your current boundaries, this combination of natural yet powerful therapies with solution-focused techniques brings dynamic and wonderful rewards. Limiting patterns are changed, obstacles are dissolved. We explore a holistic journey taking your skills, performance and well-being to new and empowered levels. Change happens more easily, fluidly and permanently.

Many clients incorporate regular sessions into their well-being programme.

Jayke Branson Thom


I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register. I hold a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice. I am accredited by the National Regulatory Register for Hypnotherapy and hold full indemnity insurance.


I work with performers in dissolving the barriers of fear, stress, anxieties and improving confidence and self esteem. You can explore enhancing your skills through accessing the zones of peak performance, increasing relaxation, focus and communication. I encourage clients to use mental rehearsal and creative visualisation to enjoy realising your true potential. My clients range from musicians at the opera houses, conservatoires and concert halls, performers from the world of theatre and dance, to rock musicians. I lead authors, artists and creatives to break through blocks, and access the ideal creative state at will - no matter what is happening in the world around!

The same strategies can transform presentation skills in business, public speaking, and being your best at interview, and in the workplace.

I am the Mindskills coach on the Jette Parker program at the Royal Opera House working with singers, directors and conductors. I'm also the performance psychologist at ENO.

Corporate Sessions

I facilitate meditation and self-hypnosis workshops within small and large companies. I coach CEOs and senior management on improving presentation and sub-communication, performance under pressure, work/life balance and stress management techniques. I provide in-house workshops and coaching sessions with individuals in several corporations.


As a qualified Sports Hypnotherapist and work with professional, national and amateur sports players and teams of all ages. Benefits include dissolving performance anxiety, developing mental strategies for state management, concentration, effective practice routines, motivation in training and building confidence. I practise alongside conventional treatment in the area of recovery from injury, treatment to accelerate the healing process and building confidence when returning to fitness.

Health and Wholeness

In the field of healing, I integrate creative visualization, energy work, quantum healing, relaxation, pain relief and accelerated healing. I practice in conjunction with conventional treatment to enhance recovery and balance through mind skills, with referrals from some surgeons and neurologists who have seen the improved results this can bring to the patient.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

I journey with expectant mothers through their pregnancy, dissolving any fears and building confidence through relaxation and visualization skills. You learn to trust and tune into your body rhythms to enjoy pregnancy and ease labour.


With school children and university students, I explore techniques to accelerate learning and retrieve information calmly in exams, handling nerves and enhancing memory. I also help people with learning and concentration difficulties, to unlock their individual code for absorbing, retaining and retrieving information.