meditation for stress relief and relaxation

You can use simple breathing techniques to enhance your state. To relax more. To re-energise. To re-focus. To wash away stress. To re-store. To re-balance. To re-juvenate. To enhance your thinking. To empower both mind and body through increased coherence.

There are emotional, physical and mental rewards. You release serotonin, endorphins and natural opiates. Your immune system is boosted. There have been many studies showing that the ageing process is also slowed down when stress is reduced because DHEA, the growth hormone, is increased. Even 5 minutes of meditation a day has been shown to have significant benefits, bringing more balance into your life.

Studies have shown that positive affirmations and visualisation are 25 to 200 times more effective when used in meditation. With practise you can reach powerful meditative states in a matter of minutes, anywhere, even at your desk or on the tube!

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