creative visioning

Creative states - unleashing the genius within

Have you ever had a time when everything just flowed? As if you had tapped into or tuned into a wonderful wavelength, a source of creativity and flow. What if you could do that every time you want to? What if you could develop a manual for your mind?

The brain isn't designed to get results - it is designed to go in directions. Using creative visualisation you can consciously set the direction you want to go. Then enjoy freeing the genius within you to focus. To set targets. To explore the expansion of ideas, solutions, new patterns or behaviours. To stimulate your healing cells. Did you know that Einstein discovered the theory of relativity daydreaming that he was riding round the solar system on a light beam. Or that the violinist Fritz Kreisler claimed that he hardly ever physically practised - he just mentally rehearsed?

Together we identify your most helpful brainwave states and combinations of brainwave patterns for peak performance, relaxation, goal-setting and creative thinking. You can train yourself to access them at will, even when you are under pressure. We look at the roles of the different parts of your mind and how to get them communicating effectively and harmoniously. You learn how to use visualisation or sensualisation to enhance positive suggestions in the language of your subconscious mind. You may be curious to discover how much easier things become when you learn to use your mind in new and exciting ways.

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