discover a whole new way of thinking and empower your performance

Everything begins with a thought and every thought you have has a chemical and electrical effect on your body - and your performance! Sometimes even vocal or technical problems are rooted in the mind. Tensions in the mind often manifest in the body. You want to be free from mental clutter and physical tension, to allow energy to flow and use your imagination in new and transformational ways. You know you want to relax, be poised, remain focused, let go, communicate, be spontaneous enjoy it, be present. But how? Discover 'how' using the mindbody connection.

The chaos theory suggests that the flap of a butterfly's wing starts a series of events which creates a tornado thousands of miles away. However that same flap of a butterfly's wing can start the series of events which blows the tornado away, leaving a clear and sunny day. When you get the butterflies flying in formation, they give you the energy to cross boundaries. To do more than you believe you can.

As a musician I have adapted methods from sports psychology to incorporate the specific demands of performance - with its artistic and communicative elements. You create a unique toolkit so you always enjoy performing and realise your true potential. Enjoy being all that you can be - all that you are
"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly"
- Richard Bach
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