the mindbody connection

Modern scientific discoveries support that sensory visualisation is the way to communicate in the language of the body. This has been widely used by many sportspeople and performers for years, by successful businessmen and healers through the centuries. Neuroscientists have confirmed that when you imagine something vividly you create an engram - a neurological pathway - just as if you had physically done it.

When you imagine a physical action, you trigger micro-movements of exactly the same muscles and nerves as when you actually make those movements. This was discovered and widely used by NASA during the space programme.
Lie on the floor and imagine doing a sit up. Notice what happens to your stomach muscles

We can use this knowledge to amazing effect in creating new habits, quickly learning new techniques, and transforming the body's chemical and cellular patterns. Neuroendoimmunologists have discovered this also applies at a cellular level and can be used in recovery and healing.


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